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Part A Read down each column and place a check mark beside those words you believe describe yourself.
Self-confident Organized Determined Outgoing
Uncritical Relaxed Talkative Punctual
Funny Absent-minded Efficient Reflective
Orderly Independent Patient High-strung
Sentimental Optimistic Emotional Self-starter
Questioning Contented Curious Attractive
Demanding Passionate Exacting Steady
Charming Creative Accepting Opportunistic
Stylish Competitive Supportive Disciplined
Impressionable Accurate Inquisitive Casual
Adventurous Accommodating Moody Unconventional
Enthusiastic Lively Ambitious Sociable
Forgiving Perceptive Easygoing Unhurried
Intelligent Self-assured Thorough Enterprising
Impulsive Impetuous Sensitive Influential
Controlled Satisfied Humorous Original
Good-mixer Obedient Decisive Animated
Loyal Clever Popular Diplomatic
Calm Leisurely Methodical Composed
Venturesome Individualistic Skilled Ingenious
Distractible Tolerant Innovative Meticulous
Resourceful Cooperative Self-reliant Trusting
Precise Persuasive Conscientious Confrontational
Inventive Imaginative Lenient Dedicated
Cheerful Spontaneous Happy Temperamental
Driving Dynamic Tough-minded Tidy
Soft-hearted Entertaining Bright Encouraging
Part B Read down each column and place a check mark beside those words you believe describe how you should behave in your present job. If currently unemployed, your most recent position.
Influential Precise Demanding Persuasive
Tidy Calm Popular Punctual
Optimistic Impressionable Thorough Humorous
Disciplined Independent Methodical High-strung
Emotional Funny Sentimental Ambitious
Curious Contented Questioning Animated
Determined Trusting Dedicated Satisfied
Lively Original Accepting Opportunistic
Cheerful Decisive Supportive Orderly
Absent-minded Accurate Intelligent Easygoing
Individualistic Composed Moody Venturesome
Happy Charming Self-starter Sociable
Soft-hearted Perceptive Casual Leisurely
Inquisitive Confrontational Efficient Entertaining
Impulsive Encouraging Spontaneous Self-confident
Diplomatic Steady Reflective Creative
Good-mixer Loyal Competitive Attractive
Obedient Clever Talkative Controlled
Relaxed Unhurried Patient Accommodating
Unconventional Adventurous Cooperative Imaginative
Distractible Lenient Bright Conscientious
Self-reliant Skilled Resourceful Passionate
Organized Outgoing Meticulous Self-assured
Inventive Ingenious Tolerant Exacting
Stylish Sensitive Enthusiastic Dynamic
Driving Temperamental Tough-minded Uncritical
Forgiving Enterprising Innovative Impetuous
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